November 10, 2010

My midwife asked if I wanted her to check my dilation.  I was concerned about the tub so I said sure.  I was only five centimeters, so she suggested I labor outside of the tub again for a while.  I got out and break time was over!  I was doing all sorts of squatty, squirmy moving without thinking much.  I was simply trying to get comfortable, but I couldn’t.  Later my midwife told me that was exactly what I needed to be doing!  The body truly is amazing and knows exactly what it needs to do.  The tub was still getting warmer and had reached a perfect temperature, so I got in again.  And again… my labor pretty well stopped.  At almost five o’clock my midwife asked if I wanted another check.  I was not even six centimeters yet.  Now I was frustrated!

November 9, 2010

I had been lying in bed for about a half hour, lazily considering whether or not I should get out of bed.  I had a couple of small contractions, but nothing too uncomfortable so I just ignored them.  At 9am I had my first “real” contraction.  It hurt and finally convinced me to get up, since lying down just made it more uncomfortable.  The last week I had two days where I had this same kind of contraction, but they subsided.  I was suspicious though, considering I hadn’t had any for four days now.  But, again, I was determined not to get my hopes up.

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January 1, 2019

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