February 24, 2018

In a previous post, “Why Scripture Alone Didn’t Work”  I wrote the following:

"The Bible didn’t fall out of heaven ready to go. Someone had to gather and authenticate which books would be in the Bible. How could Scripture Alone be the final judge of teachers and doctrines in the early Church if there wasn’t consensus on what books can be trusted?  Who decides which books are trustworthy to be read in worship and which aren’t?"

I’m working on my next post, as promised, related to my experience of Orthodox unity in worship. However, I recently read a great post over at The Whole Counsel blog by Father Stephen De Young called “Who Decided Which Books Would Be in the New Testament?” and it ties in quite well with my first post.

You can read the full post here if you want all the details.

The whole post is good and helpful, but I really liked the following points that describe how we got the New Testament.  Fr Stephen’s description of how the early church worked is rather helpful. He describes...

February 18, 2018

It's been a super busy week!  Our dear Christine was born on Sunday, she celebrated her Name Day on Monday and Kyriaki had her third birthday on Wednesday!!  I see this being a stressful week in Mama's future... ;)

Of course, we already posted the birth story, and everyone knows what a birthday party looks like.  (Super cute by the way!) 

 Can you believe Daddy made that cake?!?

But what is a Name Day?  Well, Monday was Christine's name day in more than one way.  First - that's the day we named her!  But also, and more importantly, that is also the day that her saint is commemorated.  

When we were deciding on a name, Christine kept coming back to us.  It has been on our name list from the beginning and it did seem to fit her.  The day we were trying to decide on her name, there was also a saint who shared the same name - Saint Christos the Gardener.

I immediately felt connected.  Not only did this saint have her name on the day she was receiving...

February 15, 2018

If you haven't yet, read Part I first!

I went and brushed my teeth, put in my contacts, asked Jake to find a brush… ya know, all those basic precautions just in case people were going to be coming over.  After the next real contraction (we are up to five now) I texted the midwife again and said “Definitely think you should come over”.  The time was now 3:26am.

I also texted our other two people, one is a friend who is considering becoming a midwife who I invited to the birth. The second was a dear sister in Christ and my unofficial doula.  After that I told Iakabos to start filling the birth tub.  There wasn’t much more time for me to set anything else up or get more ready.  I got into my birthing dress (Yes I do have a dedicated birth wardrobe!) and concentrated on concentrating.

At some point earlier I had asked Iakabos to turn on some liturgical music but it was pretty difficult to hear over the running water.  I figured it’d still be there to listen to after t...

February 13, 2018

Christine Millie Anne
February 11th 2018 - 4:17am

9lbs 2oz – 21 in.

After a full six weeks of prodromal labor and two and a half weeks of serious contractions, my body finally decided to finish the job.  And about time too!  I had already had one false alarm with my labor, and that was weeks ago.  I was past my due date (February 6th) and I was so sore from all the contractions that much of the last few days of the pregnancy I spent holding on to walls to walk.  Needless to say, I was quite done being pregnant.

We had been trying to coax the baby out for most of the week.  We started on Wednesday with a primrose oil regimen.  I added the ginger/peppermint essential oil foot rub, and peppermint/red raspberry leaf tea and a really good long walk.  As usual the contractions obligingly picked up, only to peter out again by the end of the day.

My midwife also gave us the go-ahead to schedule an acupuncture induction, so we tried that on Friday.  Friday morning I we...

February 11, 2018

Our sweet Baby Girl was born at 4:17am this morning!!  She is 9lbs 2oz, our biggest baby so far!  We are working on the birth story and also on her name.  It seems that some people were confused and thought that we named her Amelia because they missed our post on saint names!  The name I was chrismated with is Amelia, and that’s the name I use on our blog, not the baby's name.

We still do not have a name for Baby yet, so you will have to be patient with that!  I will also put our names and the reasons behind them on the FAQ page for people if they get confused. 

As you can also tell, there was no live blog.  Iakabos actually tried to log in and post when I went into labor, but there was just no time.  She came too fast; the midwife didn’t make it either, so don’t feel too left out.  :)

While you wait for the birth story, here are some adorable pictures to tide you over!!

February 9, 2018

Hey everyone.  I know I said I was going to stick with the other post and just keep that one until Baby is actually born, but updating all day today knowing I'd probably not be in labor sounding depressing and exhausting.  So... I didn't...  I also felt like it would be easier to follow along a post that was a little more conslidated and not spread over the course of three or four days.  So we will try again for a live birth blog, hopefully sooner rather than later.

We were at church this morning so I've been away from the computer today.  I do promise to write a bit more tomorrow.  Still no changes in the status.  Tomorrow is acupuncture first thing in the morning so we will see how that goes!

I am also planning on writing soon about a new project we are undertaking as a family that I'm pretty excited about!  Sorry for keeping everyone in suspense, the waiting is hard and I'm to the point where sleeping is difficult and I'm running on very little of it.  So excu...

February 7, 2018

Hey folks!  We are trying this again, and hopefully Baby will decide to cooperate this time!  As with the last live blog, either myself or Iakabos or my lovely mother Crispina, will be updating approximately once every 15 minutes.  Each update will be underneath the previous update, so scroll down for news!  Enjoy!

9:44am by Amelia: It's been a bit of a whirlwind 24 hours.  I went to my midwife yesterday.  I am measuring 42 weeks and she thinks this baby is competing for Stephen's title of biggest baby (8lbs 8oz).  My due date was also yesterday, and since I'm still having crazy contractions we decided to go ahead with an herbal induction.  The midwife wanted to try acupuncture first but they don't have an opening until tomorrow, so we are going to try the herbs today.

I was planning on posting all that for you yesterday, but came down with a terrible migraine and spent most afternoon and evening in bed, so I didn't get around to updating anyone or getting anythi...

February 6, 2018

I know we have been here for five months now... but we are still experiencing the headaches of moving of out state.  Moving is always a hassle, but apparently, when you have a dozen doctors, specialists, therapists, etc... moving is even more of a headache.  We still have not gotten around to unpacking most of our things, and appointments have taken up such a huge chunk of our time in the last months... with little progress to show for it.

Prayers would be much appreciated in this area.  We have gone through several doctors and therapists now, just trying to find someone who will work with our kiddos extensive needs and behavioral stuff.  Losing our medical network has been one of the biggest hurdles of this move.  I knew it would be a pain but... five months and still no progress?  That's just crazy.

I am not sure why I'm ranting; I was planning on an uber positive post today after our doctor's appointment for the kiddos.  And they cancelled on us so now I have...

February 4, 2018

This is our second post in the No Longer Sola Series

Read my first post on Scripture Alone here.

As I’ve written about previously, my journey to Orthodoxy was a gradual one.  Many of my conclusions came slowly, only after years of study and hands-on experience in the parish.  Today’s topic on Scripture Alone and its impact on worship is no exception.  It wasn’t until I was serving as a pastor that the consequences of the modern-day Lutheran approach to worship became clearly evident to me.

There may have been liturgical unity in the early Lutheran Church, but not in the LCMS today.  It is very common to find congregations that offer both a “traditional” and a “contemporary” service on a Sunday, maybe even a “blended” service or some other order that has been created to fulfill the felt needs of a particular congregation or target audience. 

The principle of Scripture Alone means that ceremonies and rites are indifferent. Scripture offers no clear command (or very little) o...

February 2, 2018

Still no baby!  Had a midwife appointment today and she said she has never seen prodromal labor like this before.  Lovely!  Apparently I'm special, lol.  She also said that if Baby isn't here by my due date we can start looking into ways to speed things up a bit.  In the meantime, I need some help distracting myself from these crazy contractions!  

Iakabos and I seem to be coming up dry every time baby names come up.  We have a couple of name ideas, but really not a good, solid list.  The thing that is tripping us up the most this time around is the middle name.  

Typically we use family names for middle names.  My grandmother, Georgia, and Iakabos's grandfather, Milton, both passed away within the last year.  May their memory be eternal!

So naturally these are the names we are turning to when thinking about middle names for this new one.  We have always loved George as a name, and it works well as a first or second name, but we are really...

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