April 25, 2018

So we decided to go visit some friends of ours from church yesterday.  They're lovely people, our kids are friends, they're going to be Christine's godparents, etc.  We just have a great connection with them.  It had already been a super long morning and the weather was getting ominously worse and worse as we drove to their house.

We were running late and they were waiting on us to eat lunch, so I was already feeling a bit bad about the whole situation.  And then Iakabos missed our turn.  No biggie right?  We'll just turn around really quick and go back.

Unfortunately, the place we tried to turn around was muddier than we expected.  Much, much muddier....

I got in the driver's seat and Iakabos got out to push.  After trying to get ourselves out for about ten minutes, we finally decided to call Anna and Michael and let them know we might need some help.  Thankfully another gentleman (who had four wheel drive!) stopped to help us.  He had the same idea that we did... the...

April 25, 2018

I left Lutheranism for Orthodoxy at an interesting time.  I’m hardly the first pastor or layperson to leave the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod for Orthodoxy.  This made my journey and investigation interesting because I got to hear, for years, the rebuttals from prominent Lutheran pastors like Will Weedon, Todd Wilken and John Pless. There are two key things that were typically brought up to help distressed Lutherans like me realize that they don’t want to abandon ship.

The first argument is that potential converts are pitting the Orthodox ideal against the Lutheran reality.  I heard the assertion many times that the men who leave for Orthodoxy are leaving because they’ve been bewitched by greener pastures. They don’t know the real Orthodoxy, so they think they’re leaving for a Church with the incense swirling majestically around the Bishop in a candlelit Church with no problems. It is said that they unfairly compare some idealized version of Orthodoxy to t...

April 20, 2018

Happy Friday! I wanted to share this cool resource with you guys.  You'll remember that a little over a month ago we made a short pilgrimage to a Western Rite Benedictine Orthodox Monastery.  Brother Lazarus had alluded to a forthcoming documentary about the monastery and...  it was released TODAY!

I really enjoyed it; it's a great documentary about the Western rite.  If your liturgical heritage is Lutheran, Catholic, Episcopalian, etc... then this is may certainly be of interest to you.  One can be fully Orthodox and Western Rite.  This monastery is under the Antiochian jurisdiction.  Enjoy the show!

 This video was directed by Adam Roberts

Go here to see more videos from Proskomedia.

April 17, 2018

Semper Virgo is like a middle-of-the-night Charley horse for modern Lutheranism.  You’re sleeping peacefully and then all of a sudden you’re woken up by an innocuous, yet painful, reality.  And the more you toss and turn the tighter it seems to grab you.

Semper Virgo (SV) refers to the historic Christian teaching on the perpetual virginity of Mary. In the Orthodox Church we pray multiple times during liturgy the following petition that expresses this belief:

Commemorating our most holy, pure, blessed, and glorious Lady, the Theotokos and ever virgin Mary, with all the saints, let us commit ourselves, and one another, and our whole life to Christ our God.

Pretty awesome prayer.

Most Lutherans are like me; I was very surprised in my study of Lutheran theology to learn that SV is certainly the position of Martin Luther and the Confessions too!  Embarrassed, many a Lutheran is quick to point out that the Living tradition among Lutherans today is that SV is optional.   However, the Formula...

April 15, 2018

I know, I know... by this time of year most people are weary from school, ready for summer break, finishing end of year projects and waiting to be done.  But I'm just on a different wavelength!

We do school through the summer, which is helpful as a home school family as big and as complex as ours, because it gives us three months of extra wiggle room to get everything done!  And we'll definitely be using that wiggle room this year.  It also means that we are gearing up for the new school year now!

Next month Evangelia is done with her online class, so we will be able to focus more on her other lessons and we'll have more time for supplemental activities like sewing classes, swimming lessons and baseball!

I'm working through all of our subjects right now, updating my Scope and Sequence for K-2nd grade and creating my 3rd grade goals, since Evangelia is just that old now!  Our home school is a Charlotte Mason based curriculum and I rely heavily on Ambleside Online's booklists and wealt...

April 10, 2018

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an undying love for the St. Louis Cardinals. The new season has begun, and I have been thoroughly enjoying the games.  Unfortunately, last night's game between the Cardinals and the Brewers got me into a bit of hot water - and no it's not because I should have been doing the dishes.  

During the bottom of the third inning the announcers chatted with Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright (one of my favorite players) for an extended time on something a little off topic… gardening.

A few years ago Wainwright hurt his arm and was out for the whole year.  Apparently, with all his free time, he started gardening.  And he discovered that he loves gardening.  And now he does a lot of gardening. 

He talked about how much his gardening project had grown and all the different things he’s gotten into and his passion for growing food and sharing it with those who have none.  Dalas was listening in the background while he was talking about wood...

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