July 2, 2019

Today is the commemoration of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco (1896-1966). He lived an extraordinary life as a pastor, priest and bishop of the Church.  Two stories from his life and how God used this saint to provide for orphaned children are particularly powerful and important to me. I wanted to share them with you.

God is glorified in His saints, they are not a distraction from Christ but their holy lives draw us closer and create in us a desire to be like them and thus more like Christ who worked powerfully within them.

(From the memoirs of Maria Aleksandrovna Shakhmatova, matron of St. Tikhon’s Orphanage in Shanghai.)

"In the slums of Shanghai there were cases in which dogs would devour baby girls who had been thrown into garbage cans. When the newspapers announced this, Archbishop John told Mrs. Shakhmatova to go and buy two bottles of Chinese vodka – at which she cringed in horror. But her horror increased when he demanded that she accompany him into these very slums, where...

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