February 15, 2018

If you haven't yet, read Part I first!

I went and brushed my teeth, put in my contacts, asked Jake to find a brush… ya know, all those basic precautions just in case people were going to be coming over.  After the next real contraction (we are up to five now) I texted the midwife again and said “Definitely think you should come over”.  The time was now 3:26am.

I also texted our other two people, one is a friend who is considering becoming a midwife who I invited to the birth. The second was a dear sister in Christ and my unofficial doula.  After that I told Iakabos to start filling the birth tub.  There wasn’t much more time for me to set anything else up or get more ready.  I got into my birthing dress (Yes I do have a dedicated birth wardrobe!) and concentrated on concentrating.

At some point earlier I had asked Iakabos to turn on some liturgical music but it was pretty difficult to hear over the running water.  I figured it’d still be there to listen to after t...

February 13, 2018

Christine Millie Anne
February 11th 2018 - 4:17am

9lbs 2oz – 21 in.

After a full six weeks of prodromal labor and two and a half weeks of serious contractions, my body finally decided to finish the job.  And about time too!  I had already had one false alarm with my labor, and that was weeks ago.  I was past my due date (February 6th) and I was so sore from all the contractions that much of the last few days of the pregnancy I spent holding on to walls to walk.  Needless to say, I was quite done being pregnant.

We had been trying to coax the baby out for most of the week.  We started on Wednesday with a primrose oil regimen.  I added the ginger/peppermint essential oil foot rub, and peppermint/red raspberry leaf tea and a really good long walk.  As usual the contractions obligingly picked up, only to peter out again by the end of the day.

My midwife also gave us the go-ahead to schedule an acupuncture induction, so we tried that on Friday.  Friday morning I we...

February 11, 2018

Our sweet Baby Girl was born at 4:17am this morning!!  She is 9lbs 2oz, our biggest baby so far!  We are working on the birth story and also on her name.  It seems that some people were confused and thought that we named her Amelia because they missed our post on saint names!  The name I was chrismated with is Amelia, and that’s the name I use on our blog, not the baby's name.

We still do not have a name for Baby yet, so you will have to be patient with that!  I will also put our names and the reasons behind them on the FAQ page for people if they get confused. 

As you can also tell, there was no live blog.  Iakabos actually tried to log in and post when I went into labor, but there was just no time.  She came too fast; the midwife didn’t make it either, so don’t feel too left out.  :)

While you wait for the birth story, here are some adorable pictures to tide you over!!

February 7, 2018

Hey folks!  We are trying this again, and hopefully Baby will decide to cooperate this time!  As with the last live blog, either myself or Iakabos or my lovely mother Crispina, will be updating approximately once every 15 minutes.  Each update will be underneath the previous update, so scroll down for news!  Enjoy!

9:44am by Amelia: It's been a bit of a whirlwind 24 hours.  I went to my midwife yesterday.  I am measuring 42 weeks and she thinks this baby is competing for Stephen's title of biggest baby (8lbs 8oz).  My due date was also yesterday, and since I'm still having crazy contractions we decided to go ahead with an herbal induction.  The midwife wanted to try acupuncture first but they don't have an opening until tomorrow, so we are going to try the herbs today.

I was planning on posting all that for you yesterday, but came down with a terrible migraine and spent most afternoon and evening in bed, so I didn't get around to updating anyone or getting anythi...

January 30, 2018

Yes.  I'm still here, and Baby isn't.  

I have been having contractions every day still.  Saturday they were also really intense (60-90 seconds and 1-2 minutes apart, more painful than on Thursday) but they puttered out again.  I went to my chiropractor today for an adjustment because everywhere was hurting.  She said my ligaments were really tight and agitated and it seemed like I had been having lots of pretty good contractions.

Yes.  Yes I have been.  I asked her if she had an adjustment to induce labor.  No.  No she doesn't.  I've always had lots of pre-labor contractions, but this is way more than I've had before and I am exhausted.  Iakabos is also exhausted because, when I'm in bed most of the day, he's with the kids most of the day. 

But Baby is still happy and comfortable, so we have nothing to complain about.  We are grateful that positioning looks good and there are no signs of complications; and yes (I know) babies always come...

January 25, 2018

Hey everyone!  Today is the day!! Welcome to our live blogging adventure! 

Here's how it works: Every 15 minutes or so either I or Iakabos or my lovely mother, Crispina, will be updating this post.  In order to see the updates refresh your browser.  We won't be updating more often than 15 minutes on average, so feel free to compulsively refresh every two minutes if you like but... you probably aren't missing anything.  ;)

Each update will be posted underneath the previous update.  Every new update will have the time, to help you keep track, as well as the name of the person writing the update.  Hopefully there will be some pictures along the way too! 

Are we ready?  Here we go!  

3:49pm by Amelia: Contractions started in earnest after I went for a good walk today, strongest yet!  They weren't regular, but with how strong they felt we decided to go get a last-minute chiropractor adjustment just in case this was the real thing.  They petered out so I w...

January 25, 2018

Today's update is that there is no baby yet.  We are apparently still quite content to stay in the quite cramped quarters of Mommy's tummy :)  My contractions are still increasing in intensity, but nothing that suggests labor is imminent.  I'm a bit exhausted from all this pre-labor stuff, but I've also been able to drum up enough energy to get a lot of cleaning and cooking done this week!

The next thing I want to do, if I have time, is to get some birth supplies for the kiddos; little things they can do to help with labor.  If I get around to that I'll be sure to post my ideas here for anyone else who has little ones that might be attending a birth.  

Other than that, my midwife is back from Bangladesh, my birth tub liner is here, the birth kit arrived and I have my labor and delivery snacks and drinks handy so I'm pretty sure we are ready to go!  Any time little one...

I also wanted to be sure to let anyone know that the current plan is to live-blog the birth.  There...

August 4, 2012

If you haven’t yet… read Part I first!


The thought that I might actually be ready to push still had not crossed my mind.  I didn’t know why my body was telling me to push, but I figured it couldn’t possibly be because I was actually ready to push.  I had only been in labor for about 35 minutes at this point.  Regardless, the urge to push just became more and more pronounced.  My body started pushing on its own.  Three or four contractions after the phone call I knew I couldn’t help it anymore.  I told Jake, “I can’t do this anymore!”

I thought perhaps I needed to go to the bathroom and that’s why my body felt like it needed to push something out?  I wasn’t having much time in between contractions, but I needed to do something.  So, when my last contraction ended, I got up and walked to the bathroom.  I didn’t say anything to Jake; I was still in super-focus mode and needed to stay there.  Evie followed me, but Jake stayed in the living room, slightly...

August 3, 2012

Stephen Patrick

July 19th 2012 – 4:08pm

8lbs 8oz – 19 in.

We hadn’t had rain in months.  It was one of the driest summers the area had seen, but that night we had a marvelous thunder storm, complete with plenty of rain.  In the back of my mind was the thought that many labors begin during a storm; I think it has something to do with the change in air pressure that can trigger labor.  And sure enough I had plenty of contractions through the night.

I was awake much of the night, whether from the contractions or from my mind’s inability to slow down, I’m not sure.  I was cautiously optimistic; this was not the first night I had been visited by plenty of contractions; in fact, I had been having similar contractions for two weeks.  I tried to sleep and waited to get excited until the morning.  They always disappeared by morning.

And, as anticipated, these ones did too.  I woke up the next morning with no contractions and no real sign of labor.  I was slightly disappointed, bu...

July 25, 2012

As you may have already guessed… we didn’t end up live blogging the birth…  I promise that I will post a birth story as soon as I have it written down, but with a labor short enough that even the midwife missed the event – I hope you won’t feel too left out that the blogging world missed it too!

In any case, I wanted to post an update for everyone.  Stephen was born on the 19th in the afternoon (his grandpa’s birthday!) and he is doing absolutely wonderfully.  He has nursed like a champ from the beginning, no pain or soreness at all!  With Evangeline it took over a month to get to a comfortable point.  When I think about it, almost everything is different this time around.  They are both equally enjoyable and lovable, but definitely unique!  I suppose if you know one baby you certainly don’t know them all.

We are looking forward to learning more about our Little Man as he continues to grow.  Evangeline is doing marvelously with her little brother.  There is...

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