June 28, 2013

Breaking the silence!  Because if I don’t now I never will… moving is hard.  What can I say?  But… nevertheless, we need to talk.  Milk kefir.  Have you heard of it?  It is my new favorite thing.

I have written before about Kombucha (hmm… are those posts transferred yet?  Oops…) and Milk kefir is really similar, only instead of a big huge mushroom that ferments, you use these cute little cottage cheese looking squishy things.  And instead of fermenting tea, you ferment milk!  The milk turns into a runny yogurt sort of consistency.  I was nervous about this, because any sort of off smell with dairy is just unbearable to me.  I was worried that kefir was going to just not be my thing.  Sure it’s great for you, but was it worth the sacrifice to my taste buds?  I was a skeptic.  Fortunately, no sacrifice to the taste buds required.

Now… I am a believer!  (You can cue that “Believer” song from Shrek in your mind now.  You’re welcome....

July 3, 2012

I have been waiting all day for my dear hubby to get home so we can try our first ever batch of Kombucha Tea!!  I have been slaving over it for a week… well ok, really I did a tiny bit of work one day and it has been fermenting for a week   Nevertheless I still feel SUPER excited to taste the fruits of my labor and patience.

What, you wanted to hear how it tastes?  Hubby isn’t home yet!! I still have to wait another hour.  

You’ll have to come back then to find out!  I just wanted you to be in suspense with me 

Come back in an hour for the update!!!

UPDATE:  And the moment we’ve all been waiting for…. was the Kombucha any good??

I caught Jake’s initial reaction on camera:

The picture may be a little misleading.  I neglected to tell him it would be a little fizzy!  It’s got a nice, light carbonation to it.  Which, after the initial shock, Jake said helped the tea a lot actually.  He mentioned that it smelled a little like beer… and when I told him it has a tiny a...

March 7, 2012

For it is my birthday.

It is SO difficult to blog again after you have been gone for so long!  I’m worried about what all of my readers will think that I just abandoned them.  And, although I think it rarely happens, you always worry about everyone judging for leaving and not saying one single word.  Well, ok, so I know that in my head no one will do that – but it’s just one of those things you dread anyway, ya know?

But today is my birthday SO no judging allowed!  On a positive note, my long hiatus from blogging is actually good news for my house, as things are finally starting to come together for our spring schedule, Evie’s new school year and our new diet are all going fabulously.  We axed corn without too much of a problem (I have a post ready for that…).  We’re working on soy now and… it’s MUCH more difficult.  There seems to be nothing we can eat!  We really need to make a trip to the health food store to get some bread since ALL of the bread at our local grocery either...

January 30, 2012

I have had a few questions about our Tooth Healing Diet, so I decided to write a catch-up post clarifying some things and adding in some information that I sorta kinda… forgot.

A friend was concerned that we weren’t eating whole grains anymore. We are still eating grains, whole grains even. What we are doing is transitioning from whole grains processed by factories that give little or no thought to the importance of preparation in this particular food group. Instead, I will be making most breads and grains at home. We will also be avoiding whole grains that include the bran in most cases, like oats, since the bran contains the highest amount of phytates in the grain.

The problem with the whole grain bread in the stores is that, because they have not been prepared as nature intended them to be, they actually carry anti-nutrients which nullify all those other great nutrients you could be getting. Eating white bread is like eating empty calories, since the parts of the grain with the most n...

January 5, 2012

A long… long time ago I posted about our new endeavor, the “tooth healing diet“.  Well, I don’t think I called it that, but that’s what it is.  We started, if you recall, with drinking lots of water.  Now that we have a system in place for that, which we are loosely following… hmm… anyway now we are going to start on our next phase – grains.

Grains have always been so confusing to me.  They were on the bottom of the food pyramid… so that means we’re supposed to eat a lot of them, right?  But then I got older and everyone told me that carbohydrates (cough… bread… cough) were bad and made you fat so… lay off the grains!  Then there are so many different kinds of grains, should I choose whole grains or white bread?  Obviously cake isn’t good… and the packaging isn’t always clear, does this just contain whole grains or is it actually whole grain?

Even doing research on the topic only brings up more questions than answers.  Some people say that whole grains are actual...

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