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LIVE Birth Blogging!

Hey everyone! Today is the day!! Welcome to our live blogging adventure!

Here's how it works: Every 15 minutes or so either I or Iakabos or my lovely mother, Crispina, will be updating this post. In order to see the updates refresh your browser. We won't be updating more often than 15 minutes on average, so feel free to compulsively refresh every two minutes if you like but... you probably aren't missing anything. ;)

Each update will be posted underneath the previous update. Every new update will have the time, to help you keep track, as well as the name of the person writing the update. Hopefully there will be some pictures along the way too!

Are we ready? Here we go!

3:49pm by Amelia: Contractions started in earnest after I went for a good walk today, strongest yet! They weren't regular, but with how strong they felt we decided to go get a last-minute chiropractor adjustment just in case this was the real thing. They petered out so I went to lay down for a while. Contractions settled into six minute intervals, then went to four minutes without me getting up. I am sweating (totally unusual) and shivering at the same time. I feel like today's going to be the day...

4:17pm by Amelia: I'm calling it. I think we're having a baby today!!

4:32pm by Crispina: OKay, Daddy is running back and forth between the bedroom and the kitchen. Getting birth tub ready and heating up hamburgers for the kids. LOL Things are still pretty calm, unless Iakabos running is not calm??? Contractions last about 45 seconds and they are about 2mins apart.

4:46pm by Crispina: Iakabos is beginning to sweat, running around the house. Amelia is like, "Well this better not stop. After notifying everyone." The kids are wound up as tight as Iakabos. They want to help with everything. When this is over, or maybe before, they will pass out for sure.

4:57pm by Iakobos: Is it hot in this house or is it just me? Got the tub moved where Amelia decided she wants. My "honey-do" list is going out the front door. Everything essential is in place.

5:07pm by Iakobos: Crispina suggested we turn the heat up in the house ... Amelia suggested I change into a short sleeve shirt so I'm not so warm. Everyone has ideas.

5:12pm by Amelia: So far so good. Contractions are pretty consistent. I'm having a bit of a headache and feeling a little sleepy. I would lay down but I don't want labor to slow down either, especially since we called in all the troops already! Hmm... decisions decisions... Thank you all for joining us by the way, and especially for your prayers!

5:35pm by Crispina: Midwife is here. Evaluation is, "It appears she really wants to have this baby." Amelia is "tired" of telling me when contractions start and stop, so I have no real times anymore. We got to listen to baby's heartbeat! She has a headache and looks like she is going to cry or smash something. Yay for Magic School Bus, the kids are calm.

5:50pm by Crispina: No changes. Amelia is lying down, the headache is the biggest issue. That's it, no extra commentary. She told me I wouldn't be allowed to update anymore. :) Mwahahahahaha! 6:00pm by Iakobos: Amelia's contractions are steady, she's got a headache. The midwife's assistant just put some peppermint oil on Amelia to help things. Evie and Stephen and Kyrie are "helping" mommy out before we try to get them settled for bed.

6:03pm by Iakobos: Peppermint oil is helping to alleviate the headache.

6:21pm by Iakobos: things have slowed down for Amelia a little bit, midwife wants her to try and rest.

6:44pm by Amelia: The midwife just left. My contractions are still here and strong, but they aren't increasing in intensity or length. I am under strict orders to stay in bed, rest, drink a glass of wine and a bunch of water. So that's what I'm doing for the rest of the night.

We will have Take Two when things decide to speed up! We will blog it in a brand new post so everyone who has subscribed will get another heads up. Good night and thank you again for your thoughts and prayers. Cheers Baby! Can't wait to meet you!

Live Birth Blogging

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