Frugal Food: Day Three

September 10, 2018

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This cold we have is dragging on and on.  I missed church last week with a sick kiddo and I'm missing church this week with a sick self and a baby who is still under the weather.  And there hasn't been weekday services so I haven't been to church in what feels like forever!


In good news, Sundays are an easy food day.  Breakfast is usually just toast for the little ones... but this adorable little lovey grabbed the toaster when I was holding her in the kitchen a couple weeks back and when I walked away it fell right to the floor and broke.  So no toast today, just bread, haha!  But she's too cute to be mad at isn't she?




We had half a loaf in the cupboard which was enough for everyone who needed it.  And then I tell my kids that I don't make lunch on Sundays because they can eat at fellowship, and there is more than enough substance there if they have the patience to sit down and eat it.


Plus today was the Sunday school kick-off BBQ so everyone will come home from that very well fed!  I did have Iakabos use $4.18 of our budget today to pick up two bags of fancy popcorn to take with them.  It would have been closer to $7.00 for those bags, but I had coupons!  And I also can rebate them (can I use that as a verb?), so in the end it only will come out to $2.18.  


I am going to start the quinoa stuffed peppers now, so hopefully they will be finally get their dinner debut!  I still don't know if we will end up taking our last $6.00 to the store later or if I will get to put it in our Bulk Food envelope.  I will let you know what happens before the day is out!!




Ok so I just finished shopping and prepping everything for tomorrow.  I'm totally exhausted.  We didn't use any more of our envelope today, woohoo!  Iakabos came home with some contraband items.  Soda from McDonald's which he said he paid out of his pocket change, and extra chips which they gave him at the end of the BBQ. 


So that didn't affect our grocery bills at all, and I successfully made the quinoa stuffed tomatoes... although they weren't actually a success.  The filling was delicious but the tomato totally overpowered it.  So the filling is a keeper, but not in little tomato cups!!


And that is all for today.  I could talk more, but I'm not going to.  I'm going to go sleep instead.  Good night!!


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