Frugal Food: Day Five

September 12, 2018

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Right now all I want is a big fudge brownie sundae.... sounds so yummy...


Unfortunately, that's not in the budget for the evening.  The days where I buy myself delicious treats at the end of a hard day are over, at least for now.  So I'm just going to have to get over that.  Let's move on shall we?


I went grocery shopping last night again.  I used up all but six cents of my food budget.  It was a close one!  Here is what I got: 


 Yes folks, that is what $10.44 of food looks like.  I was disappointed that I ran out of money because we are pretty well out of fresh fruit, and that something we almost always eat.  I figured I could fill the gap by using some of our frozen bananas to make banana ice cream after dinner.


The only prep I did after shopping was soaking black beans.  I didn't get anything else done; I was just too tired and thought it probably wouldn't be wise to overdo myself.  So this morning I woke up at 5:30am to get some oatmeal started for breakfast before going straight back to bed. 


The oatmeal was just plain apple cinnamon using applesauce, steel cut oats, date sugar, nut milk and spices.  All of which we had on hand.  The kids ate it up quite nicely and then went with Daddy to bible study where there were more snacks.



A dear friend from church sent Iakabos home with some hummus and grapes that she said were specifically for me.  And so I had a delicious snack when they got home!  (Thank you friend!!  We love you!!) 


I managed to get lunch done by lunch time, and I was going to let the kids eat before we left for the park, since we were behind - but they didn't want to so I just packed it up.  I made them cute little boxes of ants on the log, using the celery and the raisins I bought the day before, along with some delicious quinoa (shhh.... don't tell the tomatoes!)


Aaaaand.... no one ate it.  Again.  I was sure they'd love the ants on a log! But no... Iakabos and I thoroughly enjoyed them.  For dinner I made fiesta sweet potatoes.  I had managed to cook the beans that morning and set our Instant Pot on a timer so there wasn't much to do, as we got home later than usual.  I thought I had avocado on hand, because that is what makes this dish, but I didn't.  Bummer.


It wasn't awesome, which seems to be the story of the week!  Typically I do sweet potatoes, black beans, corn, avocado, salsa and lime on a nice bed of lettuce.  I skipped the lettuce in hopes that the kids would be more keen on it.  Didn't make a difference.  They still didn't eat it.  So I didn't make banana ice cream today either.


And that was it for our food today!  I didn't use any coupons or deals, and still managed to stay in budget.  I will admit, I'm still relying quite a bit on our built-up pantry.  Hopefully our bulk food envelope will replace those items as needed.  Otherwise we will need to switch gears!  Time will tell.  For now good night :)



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