Frugal Food: Days 6 & 7

September 14, 2018

I don't know what bug we got, but it is no fun.


Symptoms aren't horrible, but it's lasting forever!  I can't remember the last time I was sick for more than a week.  Holy cow guys....


So I didn't want to blog yesterday and I don't want to blog now.  I'm so tired!!!

I have basically been rearranging our entire house the last two days, and it's a great change, but I feel like I was hit by a truck.  It just takes so much energy to blog... Not really, but that's how I feel!


Ok, so, briefly I'll tell you what's up.  Yesterday we got bananas, oat fruit cups that I had a rebate for, and cookies.  Why cookies?  Because it was a hard day that's why.  No judging... I spent $9 and change and put a dollar in our bulk food envelope.


Later that night there may or may not have been contraband food items that came from excess funds that we had... It was a hard day, ok??  But it didn't affect our food budget so yay.  We still got three square meals.


Today Iakabos went to the store and bought clementines and bananas for $6.99.  $3.00 for the bulk food envelope for today!  I don't have a picture because he took the kids to the park and they ate a lot of it before they even came home.  But to make up for it here's a cute picture of Christine.  She fell asleep on my lap at Evangelia's dance class this evening.  <3

Our meals were rice beans, chicken from the freezer, ham from the freezer, those kinds of things.  Oh!  And we made vegan pancakes yesterday!! They were super yummy.  We had run out of maple syrup so I used a raspberry syrup I had on hand and that worked just as well.


And that's not detailed but I'm tired.  Again.  Haha.... Good night!

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