I'm Back and New Projects!

March 1, 2019


Hi Everyone!  I'm finished with my class and we finally seem to be getting into a school rhythm that I feel really good about, so Iakabos and I are now moving into taking more time for our own projects and creative outlets.  I'm so excited to share with you all of the things I am wanting to keep going on and the new things I want to start!

First of all, I need to finally get the blog in order.  I'm going to take some dedicated time at least once or twice a week to move over my old blog posts from my previous blog and also to finish our comprehensive resources page.  The resources page is a big part of why I started this blog, so I need to prioritize it.


Second, I want to start putting out more blog content.  Obviously that's a big part of it too!  I miss blogging about adoption and home school and living simply and nurturing the faith and all the crunchy alternative things I'm into.  So my second priority is to get new blog content out there and to reestablish our community, because my blog has the absolute BEST readership ever and I miss all of you lovely people!!


There is also the vlogging that I have dipped my toe into a little bit.  I like the idea of having videos, but I'm not great at it yet, so it's going to probably take a little time to get over that learning curve.  What I'd love to use the videos for are as a visual resource for how we actually put into practice a lot of our alternative living practices with a family as large and as complex as ours.


A lot of what I do (homeschooling, veganism, elimination communication, supporting orphans, etc.) is seen as some sort of privilege.  And in some ways, yes, we are incredibly blessed to be in a situation to do all of this.  But on the other hand, these things should be available to everyone in all stages of life! 


My goal is to show just how accessible some of our life choices can be, even if you have a very large family.  Even if you have family members with disabilities.  Even if you don't have a lot of money.  Even if you have to live in the suburb or the city.  No we can't all have everything we want, but we can all work toward a more generous, gentle and sustainable way of life, regardless of where (or with whom) we find ourselves.


I have been so passionate lately about sharing this thought.  And not only helping others to see its truth, but also just encouraging myself to live it out!  So, in short, there is a lot coming up.  I am super duper excited to share our life with all of you again and finally get those long awaited resources up and working.  Thank you all for sticking with me through the slow season, and have a blessed Lenten preparation!

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