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“Think nothing and do nothing without a purpose directed to God. For to journey without direction is wasted effort.”


- St. Mark the Ascetic

Converting to Orthdoxy
Meet the Family


Welcome to our little slice of the internet!  We are an Orthodox Christian family trying to live out our convictions and faith in a most confusing time.  We share our struggle here in hopes that the power of God might be made perfect in our weakness.​

Keep in Touch


For those who would like to stay up to date on how our family is doing or don't want to miss any new resources we post, follow our blog!  We try to update daily, except on Sundays and Feast Days, of course :)  

Orthodox Homeschool
We're Here to Help



                         Chronic Illness

                                   Home School

                                                 Living Simply

We have been through a lot in our eight years.  It doesn't make us better or smarter, but at least we can gather some resources for you.

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