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It's still a work in progress so thank you for your patience and please check back soon.  Below will be a comprehensive list of resources that we have gathered with the help of many friends and guides along the way.  May it be a blessing to you on your own journey.

Resources For...
Advocacy & Volunteering Opportunities
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Domestic Adoption
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Foster Care & Adoption
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International Adoption
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Post-Adoption Support
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Pre-Adoption Support
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"If you ever wish to associate with someone, make sure that you do not give your attention to those who enjoy health and wealth and fame as the world sees it, but take care of those in affliction, in critical circumstances, who are utterly deserted and enjoy no consolation. Put a high value on associating with these, for from them you shall receive much profit, and you will do all for the glory of God."

- Saint John Chrysostom

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