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Living Simply

Welcome to our Resource Page! 


It's still a work in progress so thank you for your patience and please check back soon.  Below will be a comprehensive list of resources that we have gathered with the help of many friends and guides along the way.  May it be a blessing to you on your own journey.

Resources For...
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  2. Finding Support

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  4. Books 

Co-Sleeping & Nighttime Parenting
  1. Blog Posts

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Elimination Communication 
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Essential Oils
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Health Care Options
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  2. Websites
Home Birth
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Resources for Living Simply


"Blessed are those who've managed to simplify their life and become liberated from the web of this world's development of numerous conveniences (i.e. many inconveniences) and were released from the frightening stress of our present age. "

- Saint Paisios of Mount Athos

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