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Wait... What did you say?

So I wrote a post. And then WordPress meanly erased my hard work… so I have been depressed about it and haven’t been able to go back to that post yet. You know when you lose something you worked so hard to write and then it somehow just disappears, of course at no fault of your own, but regardless it is so depressing to think of the hundreds of letters that had poured out of your soul never to come back again…

Yeah. So I’ve been away from blogging for a few days. I am still not quite recovered from the trauma, at least not enough to finish my post. But I thought perhaps a light, cheery topic might remind me of all the good times we’ve had together enough to motivate me to finish. So today I am sharing with you a few of the laughs I have had along the way in my blogging journey.

You see, when people Google a phrase, little do they know that this phrase is not lost to cyberspace like my poor dear post… sigh… No it is kept for statistical use by not only Google but many other places. The website you happen to stumble upon, for example. My blog keeps a record of all the search terms that are used in which people made their way to my humble little corner of the cyber-sphere. Fun eh? Sometimes it is very fun.

So my apologies to all of you who thought your awkward and jumbling phrases would not be seen by anyone but you… because I am going to post them for everyone. Here are the funniest search terms my blog has seen in these last couple years…

breaking toys and feels happy baby – Ok, so I get it. Babies like to break things but… what exactly were you looking for here? And did you find it? I am still wondering how I was ranked on Google for this one…

pregnant while sitting down – Yes! You can be pregnant while sitting down! I hope this is helpful for you.

bed frustrated couple – Really, really don’t know how Google led them here… but just for future reference, this is not an issue in our house, and even if it was I wouldn’t tell you about it on my blog.

standing 5 year baby – Well if your baby isn’t standing yet and he’s five already… you may want to get that looked at.

pregnancy brushing teeth – Yes, please continue brushing your teeth during pregnancy. Thank you.

relato parto – Hmm?? I’m confused…

potty a day and life elimination 10 months – Like Momma always said, a potty a day keeps the doctor away! Or… is that how it goes? Also, I would recommend not eliminating life, it’s kind’ve a great thing to have around.

lutheran processed food – Last I checked the Lutheran Church does not make its own processed food, but if I find out otherwise I will be sure to let you all know.

is it bad for newborns to pacify in the breast – Yes, I would say that it is probably dangerous (not to mention extremely uncomfortable) if your newborn is pacifying in the breast. If he’s on the breast that’s a different story… but in? No, don’t do that.

And that’s all I have folks. Hope these made you smile like they did for me. I am feeling a little better already. If you have a blog what strange search terms have you gotten?

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