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So Much to Say...

So little time.

Isn’t that how it always is?

It’s very cold here… I don’t appreciate it too much. I have been lethargic for two days; I could lay in bed all day long and still be tired. I don’t appreciate that either. But some weeks are just like that I suppose. I have a lot I could talk about, there’s so much going on. I am working on Evie’s basic homeschool outline for the next two years, and I’m reading lots of children’s books to preview them for her. I realized last week that we have hardly any quality children’s books in our library… and I think that should be amended.

I just finished reading J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan”. And guess what? I cried at the end! Ugh! My hormones are driving me insane… I don’t know if any of you have ever read the book, but the end isn’t really terribly sad. Normally something that would make me go “Aww”, shrug my shoulders and move on with my day… but no. I had to cry. Evie looked at me like “What on earth is wrong with you?” Oh well.

So my brain has been scattered; I could say so much, but I don’t know where to start. I thought I’d write a post anyway… although I hope you’re not expecting too much...

Evangeline was having some potty difficulties the last couple weeks. I wouldn’t call it a “potty pause” necessarily, as she still wanted to sit on the potty. In fact, I usually have the opposite problem where she just likes to sit there forever after she’s done and I have to bribe her with food before she’ll get up and put her pants back on. I don’t get it… but anyway. She was having trouble telling us exactly when she needed to go. She kept letting me know after the fact, or while it was happening. It was getting a little frustrating.

The worst part of it though was that this seeped over into her nighttime pottying too. She stopped fussing when she had to go… she just went and then started nursing again, completely content to sleep in a wet bed. Which meant that I had to get up and change the sheets 2-5 times a night, and I was not a happy Momma! After about a week of this we made the decision to start transitioning her to her own mattress. We hadn’t yet because being right next to her was so helpful in knowing when she needed to go, but once she stopped communicating, it wasn’t really that helpful.

The move has been great for all of us. I am so glad we decided to do it, and it was the perfect timing. We had sort of tried a few months back, but she just wasn’t ready yet. She always ended up crawling back in bed with us. Now she’s comfortable being on her own, so she will fuss if she wants me, but she doesn’t seem to need me right there all night. And the best part is, if her body wakes her up because of a full bladder I am not right there so she needs to fuss in order to get the milk she wants. Therefore, I know when she needs to go, and she has been having very few nighttime accidents since.

Her mattress is right next to ours, so it’s easy for me to move from bed to bed during the night. Last night she slept, I think at least 5 or 6 hours without needing to nurse at all, and Jake and I enjoyed having lots of space to ourselves. Now we feel spoiled She is also back to telling us that she needs to potty right beforehand, although her timing’s not perfect. I know it’s just a phase, and she’ll pick it right back up very soon. No biggie.

In other news, our processed-oats-free house is doing great. Not sure what else to call it? We are only eating properly prepared oats now, as the first step in eradicating our house of foods that are dangerously high in phytic acid. It wasn’t too difficult, but we’re going to ramp it up next week. We’re getting rid of *drum roll please* corn. Yup… corn. So all those things at the grocery store that have corn in them? We will be saying goodbye. That is going to be a challenge. And I will be sure to keep you updated.

In the meantime I am working on perfecting my homemade soaked granola recipe. The batch this week was ok, Jake said it was delicious, but I’m not through experimenting yet. When I’m satisfied I’ll post it for all of you to enjoy!

And last, but certainly not least, I have been asked by a friend to spread the word about this little darling who is desperately in need of a family:

This last portion of the post has been edited out as the need is outdated and no longer applicable. However, you can still see many children who currently need help HERE.

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