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The Kombucha Verdict

I have been waiting all day for my dear hubby to get home so we can try our first ever batch of Kombucha Tea!! I have been slaving over it for a week… well ok, really I did a tiny bit of work one day and it has been fermenting for a week Nevertheless I still feel SUPER excited to taste the fruits of my labor and patience.

What, you wanted to hear how it tastes? Hubby isn’t home yet!! I still have to wait another hour.

You’ll have to come back then to find out! I just wanted you to be in suspense with me

Come back in an hour for the update!!!

UPDATE: And the moment we’ve all been waiting for…. was the Kombucha any good??

I caught Jake’s initial reaction on camera:

The picture may be a little misleading. I neglected to tell him it would be a little fizzy! It’s got a nice, light carbonation to it. Which, after the initial shock, Jake said helped the tea a lot actually. He mentioned that it smelled a little like beer… and when I told him it has a tiny alcoholic content to it he said “Well that explains it.”

But did he like it? Yes. He gave it a 6 out of 10 (10 being the best thing he’s ever drank). So more or less, it wasn’t bad! Citrus is not his favorite flavor, so he says he’d like to try it again with a different kind of juice. We decided that it had a slightly tart flavor, but not sour or vinegary.

And my review?? I, on the other hand, LOVED IT!! My midwife told me to start out with 2oz a day… and it was SO hard to just drink 2oz of the stuff! I enjoyed it more than soda personally. I really really liked the citrus flavor, and I will definitely make it again, but we’ll try a different one for the next batch. Stay tuned for a recipe and feel free to post questions! Have you ever tried Kombucha? Was it as delicious as mine??

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