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Facebook Fast: Day 4

Well, I thought it was time to talk about some more of the benefits from this Facebook Fast. I finished a book! I would have finished it anyway… but it would have taken me much longer. And I think I will even get through two books this week. What else is there to do when you are nursing and you don’t have Facebook? Reading is something I definitely need to be doing, but I get a lot less of it done if there are time wasters available on the interwebs.

Blogging! I have been blogging daily! Which is really what I want to be doing… it’s just hard to find the time. But without Facebook? Not so bad I’d say. I’ve also been able to read other blogs. I’ve found posts like this one. Stories that will break your heart… My passion for saving orphans has never left, but as I readjust my priorities it is being rekindled. I dare you to read Kori’s Story. Go on, click on the link and see if God does not move your heart.

What if one of those children in an institution is yours? What if one of those children being abused and neglected is just waiting for you to find him and bring him home? Perhaps not. But… what if? Is it possible? Even if there is the tiniest possibility that one of these children is yours… wouldn’t it be worth it to make sure? Wouldn’t it be worth it, just to ask God if you are his mother or father?

Wouldn’t it be worth it to make sure that your child does not have to endure such conditions one day longer than they have to?

Sorry… I know this isn’t exactly Facebook oriented… but in a way it is. This week has made me start thinking seriously about my priorities in life, and sometimes that involves difficult life changes. I think it’s important for us to do that. Scripture tells us that pure religion is to care for the widow and the orphan. All of us can do something. What can you do? Children are dying – dying without knowing the love of a family, and more importantly, dying without knowing the love of Christ. Let’s check our priorities.

Facebook Fast - Priorities

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