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Church for School

Homeschool! Love it. Especially right now. Well… my oldest is only three, so when you read “school” read it loosely. But I do try to set up our days to be most effective for teaching my children about the important things in life, and what is more important than raising them in the faith? So the other week when we “started homeschool” again after our summer move and break, I decided that the first routine we were going to initiate was daily church, Matins to be precise. Church for school?

Gasp! That is as crazy as breakfast for dinner! Mmmm…. pancakes…

Anyway, back to the story, after two very difficult weeks in church flying solo with the children I told my dear pastor husband, “You may not be able to sit in church and help me with these kids, but my house is right next door to the church and we will practice every single day until they figure this out!”

And that is what we did. I am pleased to say that after just two days of fighting me (read screaming during the service) my sweet, year old son finally figured it out. Mommy is not going to take you out just because you’re crying. Sit still and be sweetly quiet. Now, would I want to do that with pews full of people? No… but it worked just fine for us and our empty church.

They are doing much better on Sundays now, although service cuts right in the middle of nap time, but we have been able to make do. And we are actually growing quite fond of early morning Matins in the sanctuary before Daddy has to work. They say that being a pastor’s wife has many hardships, but many more blessings. I would have to say this is most certainly true. Go to church? Every day? And you don’t even have to drive there? Yes please!

Not quite sure what our next homeschool routine to add will be, probably chores. Chores are good…

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