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The I'm-Still-Pregnant Post

Yes. I'm still here, and Baby isn't.

I have been having contractions every day still. Saturday they were also really intense (60-90 seconds and 1-2 minutes apart, more painful than on Thursday) but they puttered out again. I went to my chiropractor today for an adjustment because everywhere was hurting. She said my ligaments were really tight and agitated and it seemed like I had been having lots of pretty good contractions.

Yes. Yes I have been. I asked her if she had an adjustment to induce labor. No. No she doesn't. I've always had lots of pre-labor contractions, but this is way more than I've had before and I am exhausted. Iakabos is also exhausted because, when I'm in bed most of the day, he's with the kids most of the day.

But Baby is still happy and comfortable, so we have nothing to complain about. We are grateful that positioning looks good and there are no signs of complications; and yes (I know) babies always come and baby will be here when they are ready, etc. I do know that. I wish that thought would give me more energy though!

In other news, Iakabos is working on another post for you tomorrow. I think it should be a really great topic. And I am still working on transferring over all the posts from my old blog and getting our resource pages all set up. Oh and I need to figure out how to use Twitter and Pinterest and Youtube...

I will be posting a new live blog for the birth when the time finally does come, so stay tuned for that and subscribe if you want to be sure not to miss it! Have a wonderful evening everyone, and thank you again for your prayers for me and the little one!

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