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Baby Name Suggestions Anyone?

Funny Baby Looks (Courtesy of Stephen)

Still no baby! Had a midwife appointment today and she said she has never seen prodromal labor like this before. Lovely! Apparently I'm special, lol. She also said that if Baby isn't here by my due date we can start looking into ways to speed things up a bit. In the meantime, I need some help distracting myself from these crazy contractions!

Iakabos and I seem to be coming up dry every time baby names come up. We have a couple of name ideas, but really not a good, solid list. The thing that is tripping us up the most this time around is the middle name.

Typically we use family names for middle names. My grandmother, Georgia, and Iakabos's grandfather, Milton, both passed away within the last year. May their memory be eternal!

So naturally these are the names we are turning to when thinking about middle names for this new one. We have always loved George as a name, and it works well as a first or second name, but we are really struggling with a first name choice that goes with Georgia. Georgia definitely lends itself more as a first name than a middle! And then there's Milton. For a boy it's not quite so problematic, but if we have a girl how do we adapt it? We love Millie; it's totally adorable... but our last name starts with the "Mil" sound and so... we aren't sure we can put those two things right next to each other.

Also... should we pick one name or the other or try to incorporate both and perhaps give the Baby two middle names? And do they even work together? There are so many choices! And what first names go with these middle names? We are particularly partial to saint names. Here are a couple of links for saint names: Find saints coming up in the next few days. (AKA: When baby should be born...)

Give us all your best ideas!! Ready... Set... Go!

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