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Headaches and Updates

I know we have been here for five months now... but we are still experiencing the headaches of moving of out state. Moving is always a hassle, but apparently, when you have a dozen doctors, specialists, therapists, etc... moving is even more of a headache. We still have not gotten around to unpacking most of our things, and appointments have taken up such a huge chunk of our time in the last months... with little progress to show for it.

Prayers would be much appreciated in this area. We have gone through several doctors and therapists now, just trying to find someone who will work with our kiddos extensive needs and behavioral stuff. Losing our medical network has been one of the biggest hurdles of this move. I knew it would be a pain but... five months and still no progress? That's just crazy.

I am not sure why I'm ranting; I was planning on an uber positive post today after our doctor's appointment for the kiddos. And they cancelled on us so now I have nothing happy to say! Haha. I also had a chiropractor adjustment today (We have found the absolute most AMAZING chiropractor!), but it didn't hold up much, so I have a terrible headache again that will likely be around until Baby gets here.

Apparently it's really hard for your body to hold an adjustment near the end of pregnancy when all your ligaments and muscles are going into relaxation mode to prepare for labor. (Note to body... I think we're prepped and ready to go by now. So any time.....)

Hope's Standing Therapy

Other than having a grumpy, overly-pregnant Mama and being bounced between medical professionals, Jacob and Hope are doing really well. The move has been kind of hard on all of us, but it seems like it has been quite positive for these two. We have managed to do much more regular therapy and have their routines quite regimented now which is super helpful.

I'm hoping to get our other kiddos a better school and play schedule after the Baby comes as well. It's hard at the moment because I literally can't do much of anything at this point in pregnancy... but soon we should have a lovely new baby to hold and a much more functional mommy. They desperately need more outdoor time, so we will need to get creative in that area! Living in a neighborhood is so much different than the country life they are used to. Iakabos and I are working on solutions for that, so we will keep you updated.

I will try to keep getting my posts from the old blog pulled over. So much to do and so little time! Tomorrow is my official due date and I have an appointment with my midwife. I will let you know how that plays out. In the meantime, we wait!

Don't forget to subscribe if you want to catch the live blog for the birth! And for those who are subscribed already, double check that you are getting our emails and they aren't going to the junk folder. I've had a few people mention that issue already!

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