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Birth LIVE Blog - Take Two

Hey folks! We are trying this again, and hopefully Baby will decide to cooperate this time! As with the last live blog, either myself or Iakabos or my lovely mother Crispina, will be updating approximately once every 15 minutes. Each update will be underneath the previous update, so scroll down for news! Enjoy!

9:44am by Amelia: It's been a bit of a whirlwind 24 hours. I went to my midwife yesterday. I am measuring 42 weeks and she thinks this baby is competing for Stephen's title of biggest baby (8lbs 8oz). My due date was also yesterday, and since I'm still having crazy contractions we decided to go ahead with an herbal induction. The midwife wanted to try acupuncture first but they don't have an opening until tomorrow, so we are going to try the herbs today.

I was planning on posting all that for you yesterday, but came down with a terrible migraine and spent most afternoon and evening in bed, so I didn't get around to updating anyone or getting anything ready for having a baby today! (Oh well...)

Last night I could not fall asleep. I started having painful contractions, enough pain that I needed to concentrate to be able to breathe through them. I laid down and finally fell asleep at about 4am. Contractions were back again as soon as I woke up this morning. They don't seem to be going away, but they aren't getting stronger either.

I am just about to head to the chiropractor to get one last adjustment before our induction attempt. I had one one Monday, but everything's out again already! I'm going to take my first herbal dose before I leave. Current status is tired, headache, nauseous and just generally not feeling great. Not sure if that's the best state to induce labor in, but these contractions aren't letting me rest anyway so might as well... right?? :)

10:50am by Amelia: Still no change! I'm home from the chiropractor. I took my first dose of primrose about an hour ago, so I have one more hour until the next dose. I'm going to go lay down and try to rest before anything decides to happen!

12:04pm by Amelia: Feeling better after laying down for a while! Just took my second dose of primrose oil. I think I'm going to make myself some red raspberry leaf/peppermint tea and maybe have Iakabos do a foot massage with ginger and peppermint essential oil. The kiddos have been working on some bead projects for the baby with Grammy! I can't wait to see their finished projects!

12:41pm by Amelia: Tea is brewing. Still no changes! The troops here seem to be getting a little restless (Aka: Why aren't you having a baby yet?!?!) but it took five hours with Kyrie when we did this and we are only coming up on hour three. So there's plenty of time yet.

1:23pm by Amelia: Finished with my tea and foot massage spa :P I had one really good contraction (not as good as last night's though). So... it might be the beginning of something or maybe not yet. Playing a game of Go Fish with a couple of kiddos while we wait. Will be taking more primrose oil in about half an hour so stay tuned!

2:18pm by Amelia: Still no baby. I've had a couple of good contractions but that's about it. On the bright side the house is pretty clean! My husband is the best husband of all the husbands. I'm debating whether or not to go for a walk. It always causes contractions, but they haven't been productive ones, obviously. Maybe combined with the other things it will help? Decisions decisions...

2:50pm by Iakobos: Amelia and Crispina went for a walk, we'll see if it leads to some good contractions or not.

3:36pm by Amelia: Lots of really sharp contractions along the walk. Hopefully they continue and progress and do something productive. Going to go have some more labor tea and it's almost time for dose #4. Come on baby we want to meet you!!

4:03pm by Amelia: And there they go again... Drinking tea now and just took my next dose. If nothing happens today I will just keep updating this post instead of starting a new one. We will keep trying to induce at least for a few days. Might ask my midwife about some other options too. Friday morning we are scheduled for acupuncture if Baby is still being stubborn. Other than that I will keep posting updates until bedtime, so feel free to keep checking in!

5:23pm by Amelia: Laid down for a bit. I'm still pretty exhausted from last night with no sleep. Still just waiting...

7:41pm by Amelia: Still nothing. I am going to have a bite to eat and get ready for bed. Check back in the morning! Or sooner if you're feeling optimistic. ;)

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