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Baby is Here!

Our sweet Baby Girl was born at 4:17am this morning!! She is 9lbs 2oz, our biggest baby so far! We are working on the birth story and also on her name. It seems that some people were confused and thought that we named her Amelia because they missed our post on saint names! The name I was chrismated with is Amelia, and that’s the name I use on our blog, not the baby's name.

We still do not have a name for Baby yet, so you will have to be patient with that! I will also put our names and the reasons behind them on the FAQ page for people if they get confused.

As you can also tell, there was no live blog. Iakabos actually tried to log in and post when I went into labor, but there was just no time. She came too fast; the midwife didn’t make it either, so don’t feel too left out. :)

While you wait for the birth story, here are some adorable pictures to tide you over!!

Baby is Here

Baby and Kyriaki

Baby and Jacob

Baby and Evangelia

Baby and Stephen

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