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Click Bait: Cute Baby Pics

Cute Baby

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone! I have uploaded many cute baby pictures as an unabashed attempt at click bait. (It's working right?) But I really have a much more urgent matter to discuss with you today. I promise that baby pictures at the end but please read through first! These are dear friends of ours from seminary.

Gillespie Family

Pastor Gillespie is no longer serving a congregation full-time, which means their medical insurance is no longer being covered. Four of the Gillespie's beautiful children have a rare genetic condition called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC).

This disease causes non-cancerous tumors to grow in every major organ. The tumors in the brain often cause seizures and all four children need medication to manage these seizures.

While they qualify for Medicaid, it does not cover the specialists needed for this rare disorder because they are all out-of-state, nor does it cover all the medications required for the children. They still have insurance through the LCMS, but will now have to pay for it themselves. If they lose this coverage they will not be able to afford medical care or the expensive medications required.

$1500 is needed immediately to continue medical coverage next month.

$4500 will ensure medical coverage continues for the next three months.

In honor of St. Patrick, and as Lent is a time for increasing our giving and stretching ourselves beyond what we can typically spare, please add what you can to their tax-deductible fundraiser here: Gillespie Medical Needs

Also include Anne and Chris in your prayers, as well as their four children who are in need: Ethan, Elsie, Naomi and Esther.

Furthermore, if you are a coffee person, you can further support the Gillespie family by purchasing some coffee from Rev. Gillespie's online shop Coffee by Gillespie. Or, if you are a musician or recording artist, you can also enlist Rev. Gillespie for mastering/recording projects at Christopher Gillespie Media Production.

Thank you in advance for loving these brothers and sisters of ours as Christ has loved us all. And as a show of my appreciation, here are those adorable pictures I promised!

Hope and Baby

Jacob and Baby

Evangelia and Baby

Super Cute Baby

Kyriaki and Baby

Stephen and Baby

Super Super Cute Baby

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