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Judge Not...

For it is my birthday.

It is SO difficult to blog again after you have been gone for so long! I’m worried about what all of my readers will think that I just abandoned them. And, although I think it rarely happens, you always worry about everyone judging for leaving and not saying one single word. Well, ok, so I know that in my head no one will do that – but it’s just one of those things you dread anyway, ya know?

But today is my birthday SO no judging allowed! On a positive note, my long hiatus from blogging is actually good news for my house, as things are finally starting to come together for our spring schedule, Evie’s new school year and our new diet are all going fabulously. We axed corn without too much of a problem (I have a post ready for that…). We’re working on soy now and… it’s MUCH more difficult. There seems to be nothing we can eat! We really need to make a trip to the health food store to get some bread since ALL of the bread at our local grocery either had corn or soy in it. Ugh…

I won’t tarry too long, hopefully will be doing much more posting this week. But I did want to share some pictures with you all! We took pictures on Saturday when we went out for my birthday lunch, and we got some good ones!

I even took a baby bump picture… although I really don’t think I look this fat in real life… Don’t ask me how far along I am because I don’t know. We’ll just say this is my 19-23 weekish picture. Yeah… it really could be anywhere in there…

What do you think? Do I look 19 or 23 weeks? Remember… it’s my birthday!

Here’s Daddy and Evie at Olive Garden enjoying their soup. Wasn’t he so sweet to sit with her and let me enjoy my birthday lunch? I love that guy…

My big girl…

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