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Happy Mother's Day!

I have had so many wonderful Mommy moments this week. Yesterday Jake took Evie to the park and as she was holding his hand and walking away she strained her neck to turn around and say “I love you!” It melted my heart… not to mention the most wonderful bedtime routine ever last night. We read a book, said prayers, sang hymns and she just fell right asleep – it was awesome! Took less than twenty minutes. WOW – thank you baby girl! It may or may not have had something to do with the fact that she didn’t take her nap earlier

Jake also got to feel Baby kicking lots. For a whole minute Baby was high fiving Daddy’s hand. It’s always so sweet when they are able to interact a little. With a rambunctious toddler we don’t get to spend as much time focusing on the Baby as we did with Evangeline. Hopefully, as we prepare for birth in the next couple of months, we will be able to focus a little more on the coming little one.

I can already tell that this child’s temperament is totally different than our first. Not only am I carrying very differently (low instead of high), but the movements are so different! Evangeline used to move all the time, without any sort of rhyme or reason that I can discern. She was just everywhere the entire pregnancy. This one? Nope! He was on the same side of my womb, without defecting once for the first several months of the pregnancy. It hasn’t been until he’s started moving into a head-down position that I finally started feeling movement in other places than my lower-right side!

Not only that, but there aren’t regular movements normally… like “just for fun” sort of moving. Almost always when I feel movement it’s pushing and adjusting, like Baby’s trying to find more room or get comfortable. If you poke and prod enough he’ll move too, but other than that not too much.

When I was telling Jake this he (very proudly) announced: “It is a male child! Men only move when they absolutely have to.” He’s so funny. Although, I think there may be some truth to his words.

With the differences in how I am carrying and my “mommy gut” I’m starting to suspect this baby is a boy. When I was pregnant with Evangeline I didn’t have any idea on gender until the last few months, and then I was highly suspicious she was a girl. It’s been the same this time around, I had no idea until the last couple of weeks and my feeling is more and more that this is a boy. I suppose we shall see!

This has been a great Mother’s Day week and I pray for many many more. I hope your day is just as fabulous!


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